A lot Hollywood films show hackers working hard, and spectators watch them trying to understand which word processor they are using. Surely, the main character has been working with one of the applications we are going to talk further.

Sublime Text Is Synonymous to Optimization

Sublime Text can be honestly recommended for beginners. This word processor does not allow errors and highlights all the parts where there are inaccuracies blocking the code work. Sublime web development software is much-in-demand among individual developers and large companies.

Users especially underline its optimization functions allowing them:

  • to easily manage additions;
  • to edit long codes;
  • to make reductions and write template structures fast;
  • to find unbalanced brackets spoiling the code integrity;
  • to check syntax errors.

Sublime Text supports a great number of languages and allows working on low performance computers. A lot of developers like using coloured schemes.

Atom Is the Major Competitor of Sublime Text

The number of Atom fans practically is the same as those of Sublime Text. They have divided in two armies, each proving the superiority of their favourite.

Let’s stay objective, Atom has a lot of additions to optimize and facilitate development. Most users are attracted by its open source code offering individual settings. The main Atom drawback is its great weight, so, if you use a low-power device, this word processor won’t be the best choice.

Brackets Is the Best Out of Stable Ones

Brackets as less functions and additions, but it attracts developers by its quality performance and stable work. This word processor offers a user-friendly interface, it can work with psd-layouts, easily transform texts into web-pages.

It works fast, even exceeds Atom performance, so it can meet developers’ requirements.

VIM Is a Word Processor Tested by Time.

VIM has been existing for a long time, and it keeps its popularity and significance. New software is usually considered to be better and more productive. But VIM is an exclusion, since it can compete with current word processors.

VIM is for patient and persistent developers. It takes time to master this word processor. A beginner may decide that it is easy to study this editor, but those who will come to the end will be rewarded.

VIM functions are to be envied, and all of them are accessible for a persistent user.

IDE Is for Large-Scale Projects

IDE is an integrated environment suitable for large projects. Within this environment users are provided with a word processor, debugger, version management, build automation, compiler and language interpreter.

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