JS React is an open-source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces. It is managed by Facebook, Instagram and a hub of individual developers and corporations. It uses a special syntax called JSX, which allows blending of HTML with JavaScript.

JS React gives room for developers to build large web applications that use data which can change over time, without reloading the page. Its primary objective includes being swift, simple and scalable. It processes user interface in applications only; this corresponds to the view in the Model-View-Controller (MVC) template, it can also be integrated with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks in MVC, such as Redux.

React JS has increased the popularity of component-based development. After experiencing a massive success within Facebook, React JS swiftly acquired momentum when it was an open source and even outwitted other peers’ frameworks. Its success in parts is driven by the wonderful open source hub which enhancing it.

By sourcing for ideas from functional programming, React encourages the development of complex application in small standalone, properly tested components which results in a highly re-usable codebase. It's also appropriately complimented by the other modern JS tools like web pack and babel. Being an unbiased framework, React has been moved to a lot of different platforms such as a server (isomorphic apps), mobile (React Native) and even VR (React-VR)

Aristek Systems is committed to JavaScript & React JS development. Our use of React JS spans from days it was open sourced. We have built several reusable React components, full web applications and React Native mobile apps.

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Educational Services
Oil & Gas Pipeline Management
Health Care
Food Services
Real Estate
Finance and Insurance
Companies and Enterprises Management

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