At Aristek Systems, we’ve been aiding businesses with swift, modifiable, and future-proof CRM and ERP data integration solutions for over 17 years. We have pre-built connectors to the most popular CRM, ERP, marketing automation, data storage, and business systems. Our data integration scaffold makes it easier to integrate customer-related data from anywhere. This gives your business policy makers real-time access to information and streamlined operations across and between your front office and back office. ARISTEK intuitive graphical development environment and lifecycle management tools also make integration creating, running, maintenance, and adapting very easy.

CRM solutions that bring about the best customer experience are often included into other back-office solutions such as your accounting packages or ERP solutions. Part of the advantage of using our services is that you get future upgrades of your solution easily.

Level of integrations varies at times, but it is expected that most integrations provide real-time integration to give you flawless processes across teams within your business. It also reduces the need for handoff between departments. The integrated solution also provides you with an uninterrupted view of your customers’ information, which will be coherent across all areas.

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